Selection procedure

After the deadline of the call for applications, the selection process will start in the following stages:

1. Application forms of the applicants will be screened by coordinating university and, if applicable, Home universities representative to verify the target group and academic eligibility, and for the completeness (if all documents are provided).

2. Hosting institutions (Local Selection Committee members, responsible for selection of the candidates) will get access to screened applications and process the ranking according to the commonly agreed criteria. After the ranking is completed, the home Universities may be consulted for the authenticity of the educational documents of the applicants.

3. The lists (separate for each level of the mobility) of the candidates with their application’s ranking provided by Local Selection Committees will be evaluated by the Project Selection Committee taking into consideration the distribution of available places. For the supervision of transparency and impartiality of the selection procedure, the Project Selection Committee will do a sampling-based supervision of the assessments made by the Local Selection Committee members.

4. Project Management Committee will give a final approval of the candidates for EMP-AIM scholarships.

5. Project coordinator will disseminates selection results to the applicants indicating:

  • If the applicant is selected for EMP-AIM scholarship and to which institution;
  • If the applicant is on a reserve list; 
  • If the applicant is rejected.

6. Applicants can submit an appeal to the selection decision. Project Selection Committee will be responsible for resolving the appeals.

7. The selected candidates will have to confirm the acceptance of the scholarship.

8. The host universities will be informed that they are responsible for further arrangements of the mobility and contact with the student.

Scholarship holders must start the mobility in September-November, 2014 or latest before 31 December 2014. Staff members can start their mobility in any time within the project duration and must end within the project eligibility period.

Selection criteria

Selection will be carried out based on the following criteria:

  • Academic merit;
  • Language knowledge of the institution applied for; 
  • Motivation; 
  • Adequacy to the academic offer by the institution applied for / academic potential; 
  • Disadvantaged groups; 
  • For target group 3 applicants, the belonging to the vulnerable group is checked at the screening phase, information and proofs can be additionally inquired from the applicant.