How to apply

EMP-AIM finishes the scholarship programme with the academic year 2014/2015. There will be no more calls for scholarship applications launched.

Application for EMP-AIM scholarship must be submitted through an on-line application system. It is allowed to submit ONE APPLICATION PER PERSON. Persons who register multiple applications will be omitted from the selection.   
It is not possible to save data halfway through the application form. Once started, the form must be completed till the end. Therefore, it is advisable to read this section before you star on-line application.

Please follow these steps to prepare for the on-line application:

1. Read the Who can apply section to find out:

1) Whether you are eligible for EMP-AIM scholarship;
2) Which Target Group you belong to;
3) Which type and level of mobility are applicable to you.

2. Browse Academic Offer section to find out which university you want to apply to. Review the courses / programmes / research opportunities that university offers. Use the links provided in the description sheets of the university’s academic offer to get more detail information. Make sure that you have read and understood the application and admission conditions before you make your decision. Please note that you should choose courses/programmes only from the Academic Offer.

You may apply to two different universities i.e you can apply to two different universities or two programmes at one university.

3. Review the Scholarships section to find out about the possible mobility duration.

4. Collect and prepare all the required documents that must be uploaded in the on-line application. Check the Documents to upload section to find the list of required documents.

5. Prepare your motivation statement, a short explanation of maximum 1000 characters (around 1/2 A4 page) of your motivation for applying for EMP-AIM scholarship.

6. Register an account and fill out the online application form, upload all of the required documents and submit your application.

7. Wait for the results. Acknowledgement to receipt will be sent after an application is received. Ineligible applications are excluded from evaluation and will be informed about it.

Please get acquainted with the selection procedure. Project coordinator disseminates selection results to the applicants by email.